Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Your home, your health and your HVAC system!

It is funny how much money people will spend on novel things that they think are going to keep their families and themselves more healthy.  I was having a conversation with my 14 year old son and daughter last week about organic foods.  They have been studying the differences of organic foods versus farm raised foods that are full of steroids, I told them that their mother and I always try to buy only organic foods but in some cases they are much more expensive then the regular everyday items that most of us buy at the grocery.  My daughter in her best "but daddy" voice says isn't it worth the extra cost to make sure your family is healthy?  I told her "yes baby it is " (see she is the only girl of 4 kids so yes she is daddy's girl).  So this got me thinking as an Heating and Air Conditioning professional why is it that we don't sell as an industry to that same thought process?!

People will go and pay $400 for an Ionic Breeze room air cleaner but we are afraid to ask them to spend $400-$800 more for an air cleaner that will do their entire home and improve their families health and comfort! This really got me thinking am I offering all the Indoor Air Quality (IAQ) products that I should be offering?  My answer was not one that I liked but probably not!  I was working our Murphy Company Heating and Cooling booth at a home show this past weekend and I started thinking to myself lets make it a point to inform and educate homeowners about the importance of IAQ!  I was floored by the amount of educated homeowners that did not know that it was their HVAC system that was responsible for the quality of air inside their home and the negative affects poor indoor air quality can have on their families health!  1 in 25 people that I spoke with did not know that it was their HVAC provider whom could help them with their indoor air quality! 

Well after taking my impromptu poll I decided that I was going to make it a point to start the education process!  I began while talking to people about the great furnace check and clean special we were offering for show customers, I was also letting them know the importance of IAQ for their family and their home.  Customers were blown away that the air in their homes can be improved by just adding a better filter to their system.  I was happy to inform every person that a quality filtering system could improve the air quality and the health of their home! 

As we transition into winter and our days get shorter and our nights longer we are spending more time indoors and with less fresh air coming in our homes, it is even more important to make sure that the quality of the air that you and your family are breathing is good,clean and Healthy! 
So don't wait to call your HVAC professional and ask them for ways that you can assure that the air your family is breathing in your home is clean and healthy. 

If you have any concerns or questions please go to our website and look over all the different IAQ products that are available for you and your family!

Once again clean healthy air equals a healthy family!

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